kuboGuides: How To Order Bandai Parts

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What are Gunpla/Gundam parts?

Bandai Japan sells replacement parts for all their model kits, but unfortunately many of these parts are only available for delivery within Japan. kuboTEN can help get these to you!

Can I order individual parts, or do I have to buy a full tree/runner?

kuboTEN is able to order individual parts, but we have to obtain a special postal money order and physically mail it in to Bandai. Because of the extra processing, we charge an additional 700 JPY fee on top of our regular fees to order individual parts. Depending on the number of parts and which parts you need, this may or may not work out to being worth the extra cost versus buying the entire runner.

How do I order a full parts tree/runner?

Just fill out a kuboTEN shop order form with the following information:

Shop or website name: Bandai Parts
Item: [insert the name of the model & runner you want to order]
Cost: [if unsure, you can leave this blank]
Item URL: https://bandai-hobby.net/partsorder/index4.html
Details: [please write the product code and any other special information or requests]

To check price and availability of runners, you can visit Bandai Japan’s online parts ordering shop here:


In order to see the Bandai parts ordering page, you will need to enter the model’s 8-digit product code before you can view the runners they have for sale. This number can be found on the packaging or manual of your model, and usually begins with the letter “R” (circled in red in below photo). It looks like this:

Gunpla Order Form & Product Code (circled in red)
Gunpla Order Form & Product Code (circled in red)

Once you have entered the product code in the Bandai parts website, it will bring you to a selection of parts for that model along with pricing information and availability (in Japanese).

How do I order individual parts?

Individual parts orders require a scan or photo of the mail-in order form located on the packaging or in the manual of the model you want to order parts of, which looks like the above photo. If possible, also include the information to the left of the cutout order form, as it includes Bandai’s address and domestic shipping cost information.

Please send an email to support@kuboten.com with a scan or clear photo of the mail-in form attached and make sure to let us know the part numbers and quantities you would like to order. We will then process your email and create an order quote in your kuboTEN account which you can then review and choose to either complete the order or cancel it. Due to the increased processing required to obtain a postal money order as well as physically mail the request to Bandai, we require an additional 700 JPY fee on top of our regular fees in order to order individual parts. Depending on the quantity and which parts you require, it may or may not cheaper to just purchase the full runner using our regular service.

What if I don’t have the packaging or the manual?

At the time this guide has been written, the following website has scans of most Gunpla models:


Please notice that kuboTEN is not affiliated with the above website, and all content and information found there is to be used at your own discretion.

If you can’t find what you need at the above site, searching the internet for the name of your model in Japanese may turn up some results, or you can contact us and we can try to help you out.

I still have more questions.

Please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you!